Our projects benefit host countries in many different ways; not only is fresh water made for drinking, bathing, cooking and other uses, but also when produced using wind power the water is made affordable and the supply is virtually unlimited. Wind4Water™ projects typically require about one year to build. This includes time to obtain permits and licenses, and to have the wind turbines and water desalinization plants  built and installed.

Santa Cruz, Cape Verde:

We are currently working with the town of Santa Cruz to repair an existing 500m³/day desalination plant and power the plant with an existing commercial grade 300kW wind turbine, which is being moved to the site. The combination of wind power and fresh water production, uses the sustainable winds of Cape Verde to create safe drinking water from the ocean. This project is being developed in coordination with local project developers Cape Verde Wind, LLC.

Coming soon:

Projects are being considered in Haiti, Africa, South America, Central America, and Indonesia.