Investor Model

When asked to build a project as an Independent Water Producer, we finance the facility by arranging private equity and debt financing through various investors and banks.  This is our standard ‘Investor Model’.

Each facility is owned by a ‘Special Purpose Entity’ between the investors and our operating team, and sells water through Water Purchase Agreements to credit worthy customers.

Due to the lower operating cost of producing fresh water using wind power, we are able to offer our investors a strong return on their investment.  We do not entertain projects (under our Investor Model) that return less than a 15% IRR after financing.  Interested investors are urged to call our office for more details.  Investors may also be interested in our Donor Model as a tax strategy which can help tens of thousands of people obtain fresh water.

For those who have an on-site need for fresh water (hotels, golf courses, irrigation and farming, etc.), our Wind4Water™ systems could be just what you need. Depending on wind speeds and existing water and electrical prices, these systems can ‘pay for themselves’ in less than 4 years and thereafter keep providing stable water and energy prices that you can count on.