Donor Model

You can help millions have fresh water!

For those towns and villages in remote impoverished areas, operating a desalinization plant to provide clean water is literally a ‘pipe dream’. Even if they could afford a traditional grid-operated desalinization plant, the cost of operations are prohibitively high due to the oil-fired electricity.

We’re changing that with the Wind4Water™ Donor Program. By using donations to create the ‘down payment’, or equity portion of the project’s financing, we remove the expensive rates of returns demanded by investors. The result is even more affordable water, at long-term fixed prices, with energy dollars that stay at home.

And every Wind4Water™ project provides the community with more than just fresh water. Our projects draw from the local populace to help build and operate the plants. Jobs are available on a long term basis for service technicians, office personnel, and managers. Associated Energy Developers provides the training for these positions, as well as providing factory-trained service contracts to make sure the equipment is kept up and running efficiently over time.

Have a Site For A Wind4Water™ Project?

Suggest it to our team!  If you or your organization is looking to produce fresh water using the earth’s sustainable wind energy, please contact us for a free consultation today.  We will check out local wind speeds and run an analysis for you.  Sources of water can include the oceans, lakes, rivers and wells.

For those locations seeking entry into the Wind4Water™ Donor Program, we ask that you provide (or help us obtain) such items as building permits, operating licenses, land to site the turbines and desalinization plant (at no annual cost), and a Water/Power Purchase Agreement.

Interested in Donating?

If you or your organization is interested in becoming a donor to the Wind4Water™ Donor Program, please contact us today for a complete program package. This will include information for your tax accountant and attorney to review.  We have an Affinity Program and will work with your favorite charity.

Each typical Wind4Water™ project is about a $4M to $7.5M undertaking. We need to raise about 25% of each plant’s cost from donors, with the balance of funds provided by debt financing which is serviced by proceeds generated by the project. Our goal is to develop many such projects around the world.

Both large and small donations are accepted. Donors who can contribute all of the required down payment for a project can help decide the location of the project.  All of the donations contributed to projects go into the design, construction and operation of the desalinization projects.

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