About Us

The Wind4Water™ project is operated by Associated Energy Developers, LLC (AED), of Plymouth, MA. AED is a developer of wind and solar energy projects around the world. Along with our local development partners, AED provides the necessary system engineering and management to design and construct the projects and oversee their long-term maintenance, service, and repair.

Turbines for the Wind4Water™ project are supplied by Aeronautica Windpower, LLC, also of Plymouth, MA. Aeronautica is the only wind turbine manufacturer which can boast that its machines are ‘Made in USA—Certified’.  Aeronautica 750kW wind turbines serve as the workhorse of each wind/water plant.

The ‘Reverse Osmosis’ Water Desalinization plants used in the Wind4Water™ program are manufactured by Water Management Group, LLC, of Coral Springs, FL. Each plant is controlled by proprietary software to maximize energy savings from the wind turbines, and sized to maximize the amount of fresh water produced by the wind.

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