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Climate Change and Water Scarcity

By Sara Corben This week, President Obama spoke on climate change, unveiling new plans to cut down on carbon emissions nationwide and providing direction for the United States to deal with the implications of climate change. According to the President’s

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Wind-Powered Desalination: The Australian Story

As the driest inhabited continent in the world and with a burgeoning population, Australia is increasingly relying on salt water desalination to supply fresh water to its 22 million people. Today, the country has the capacity to produce as much

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The Economics of Water: How We Value This Scarce Resource

By Nicholas Brisbois It is well known that water availability differs greatly around the world. Some communities have a seemingly unlimited flow as an uninterrupted stream of water emerges from their tap at any given moment; others walk for miles

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Wind & Water: the Perfect Pair

By Cara Goodman Too often, poverty-stricken communities suffer without access to the most basic of human needs: clean water. One of the main barriers to clean water access is the fact that much of the earth’s water is contained in the

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Global Wind Day

On June 15, 2012 children across the United States gazed into the sky, their eyes following kites as they twisted and dipped in the wind. In Greece, children and adults painted pictures representing the invisible but powerful force, and in

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Five Ways Clean Water Can Improve the Lives of Women

1. Improved health Women in developing countries walk an average of six kilometers a day to collect water. They frequently fill jerry cans which can weigh over 40 pounds and carry those cans on their back or head to their

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