Globally, 99% of the earth’s water is not fit for consumption and needs to be processed. According to the World Health Organization, 1.1 Billion of the earth’s inhabitants (1 in 6) do not have access to fresh water.

At Associated Energy Developers, we are helping to change that through our Wind4Water™ technology - the deployment of industrial wind turbines designed to power desalinization plants around the world.

Our projects result in ultra low water costs on a sustainable basis.

We offer our plants on a ‘turn-key’ basis.  We can develop plants that will be owned by site owners, or develop a project as an Independent Water Producer – investing in the project through either an Investor Model or Donor Model, and selling the water through a Water Purchase Agreement on a ‘per unit’ basis.

Our unique Donor (Benefactor) Model provides financing downpayments for plants in impoverished areas of the world. Donors benefit from on-going tax deductions.  Every $1 million in donations is enough to build a $4 million project that will quench the thirst of a village with 10,000 people. The villages provide the permits, land, and other approvals needed to fast-track the project.

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